6 Tactics To Getting The Best Boxing Day Deals

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Get ready for the Canadian phenomenon of Boxing Day deals!

Many people have questioned whether Boxing Day deals are even worth it anymore. Yes, they certainly are! With the emergence of “Black Friday” in Canada, Boxing Day deals seem to have lost some traction in recent years, but don’t give up on them yet!

While the days of camping out in front of store entrances aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, deals can still be found without the risk of catching pneumonia in -30C weather!

The best Boxing Day deals can be found on electronics, home appliances, and apparel. These categories will have the biggest markdowns on Boxing Day, so they are definitely worth the buy.

1) Wait!

Yes, wait until Boxing Day to get the real Boxing Day deals. Retailers have had to come up with more creative ways to get people in their stores throughout the entire month of December resulting in many “Boxing Week” specials. You will get the best deals on Boxing Day itself – so make a list, and wait to make your purchase.

2) Do Your Research

Browse flyers and store websites ahead of Boxing day to get familiar with prices. Also, many retailers now release their Boxing Day promotions ahead of time to entice shoppers, so go through those and make a list.

3) Make a Budget

Make sure you don’t get caught up in the hype of Boxing Day deals, especially when it comes to things you don’t actually need. Decide on what you plan on getting, prioritize your purchases from most wanted to least needed. Don’t just spend to save. Set a budget on how much you are willing to spend and stick to it.

4) Shop Alone

Shopping in groups will constrain you on time and in looking at stuff you may not be interested in. Shop alone, stay focused, stay on course and complete your mission.

5) Shop Online

Retailers have now begun offering their Boxing Day deals online starting at midnight on December 26th. This allows you to compare products, read reviews and select that specific item you’re looking for beforehand. Then on Boxing Day, head over to the various retailer sites offering your item of choice and see which retailer is offering the best price, add it to your shopping cart, checkout and done! No need to brave the hundreds of thousands of other shoppers in crowded malls.

But if crowded stores and parking lots are what gets your adrenaline going, then go for it and head out to the stores! Since stores are restricted to a certain quantity of that “it” product, be sure to get there early to snag the deal.

6) Consider US retailers

Many US retailers have jumped onto the Canadian Boxing Day deals bandwagon with many offering free shipping to Canada and waiving duties & taxes. Given that the Canadian dollar isn’t in very good standing at the moment, it may not be your best option. However, don’t discount US retailers completely as many offer better prices even after the exchange rate.

In addition to the above, make your online shopping work for you by purchasing at your favourite retailer, but do it through Ebates Canada. Ebates Canada provides you with a cash rebate on all purchases you make through them and sends your annual rebate to your Paypal account or by cheque via snail mail 🙂

So if Santa didn’t bring you that “it” gift you were hoping for, then get to researching and be ready to snag some Boxing Day deals on the one day that was once dubbed the Biggest Shopping Day in Canada.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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I’ll be back online with more great content in 2018!

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