Tax Services in Winnipeg, MB

Trying to decipher the tax rules on your own?

I offer a wide range of tax services to ensure that you remain compliant with tax regulations and are aware of current tax planning opportunities to reduce your tax burden.

As a CPA, I am well-versed in the income tax act and always stay current with emerging tax regulations.

I will work to develop an understanding of your goals and will recommend proactive steps you should take now to ensure you are prepared for the future.

Planning pays, why not make sure that you get the right advice the first time?
For Individuals

Tax Services Winnipeg MB

  • Personal Tax Returns (T1s)
  • Trust Returns (T3)
  • Tax planning
  • Non-resident tax considerations
  • Retirement and Financial Planning
  • Real Estate Transactions and Rental Property Tax Considerations
  • Tax Return Adjustments, Appeals and Reviews

For Businesses

Tax Services Winnipeg MB

  • Preparation and Filing of Corporate Returns (T2s)
  • Tax planning
  • T4 preparation & summary remittance
  • Statement of Contract Payments preparation (T5018)
  • Financial Statements and Notice to Readers
  • Year-end Adjustments

Tax compliance is one of the most important but least favorite tasks for individuals and businesses.

Throw your burden my way, and I’ll carry the load.

Ensure timely, hassle-free, filing and compliance, and ensure that you are claiming everything that your are entitled to.